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Introducing giffgaff - the UK pay-as-you-go mobile network - powered by O2. Giffgaff offers the best call and text rates in the UK and superb 3G/4G network coverage. In fact giffgaff's charges are fantastically low. Compare giffgaff rates with your existing tariff and we're sure you'll agree. Giffgaff doesn't do contracts, so you're free to come and go as you please. You can satisfy your mobile data needs with a choice of monthly 3G/4G giffgaff goodybags - giving you complete control of mobile internet for your smartphone. Choose from unlimited texts with generous call allowance. Or just top-up your account with PAYG credit.

Complete the form below and you'll be sent a free giffgaff SIM. You'll get £5 free credit to get you started as soon as you have activated and topped-up your SIM with a credit of £10. You can even choose to keep your existing number. Order your SIM today!

Your phone must be unlocked or locked to the O2 UK network. Please select the correct SIM for your device. We offer a 'standard SIM', a 'microSIM' (suitable for iPhone 4/4s or iPad) or a 'nanoSIM' (suitable for iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, iPad Air/mini). All SIMs ordered via this website come with £5 free credit*.

for all Apple / Samsung / HTC / LG / Sony / Motorola / Nokia devices ARE IN STOCK NOW!

Please choose the correct SIM for your device when you order - check your manufacturer's specifications. SIMs will be sent via 1st class post.

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* £5 free credit will be applied to your account upon SIM activation and initial top up of £10. Credit can be converted to giffgaff goodybags. (See links on this page for more information and network coverage.)

Orders placed via this website are made via an affiliate link which gives you £5 free credit when you activate the SIM card sent to you. Your details are only required for the purposes of sending the SIM to you and will not be recorded or used for any other purpose.

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Order a giffgaff SIM today!
Order a giffgaff SIM today!